Short story sale!

I’m so happy to announce that my story, “Jill Against the Unicorns,” will appear in the May issue of Liquid Imagination! I’ll post the link when it’s up.

I Work in Chaos: The Art of Lou Beach

I’m up on Cover Our Tracks with our last post of 2017. I got to interview the amazing Lou Beach, the collagist responsible for some of my favorite album covers, including the American debut from Yellow Magic Orchestra. Titling my pieces isn’t always my strong point, but this time the title jumped out at me. …

Wine and Climate Change

The Little Blue Marble has its first feature-length reported piece and it was written by me! You can read it here. This was an interesting piece to do and it made me think a lot about political polarization — oddly enough — as well as bias in the media. In this age of Twitter and …

I’m up on Common Edge today

If you’d like to read my essay about the strange wonderland I entered when I accidentally searched Greenwich real estate listings with the price-range parameters turned off, please click here to go to Common Edge Collaborative!