Jen Ray at Albertz Benda starting October 8

That dream I had last night reminded me of something and this morning I remembered what. It was like a Jen Ray painting! I met Jen Ray when she was working at the Fulton County Arts Council, I believe, and I was coordinating the 20th Century Arts Society at the High Museum. That was a very long time ago. Now, after living in Berlin for many years, Jen has a solo show in New York. Here’s a link to the Facebook page for the event:

Her paintings really reward close, in-person scrutiny. They’re both delicate and brutal, populated with memorable images of badass warrior women going about their complex lives in a universe drawn in fine, immersive detail. You might almost call them dreamlike. There’s a feminist subtext there too, but it’s nuanced, and does justice to the internecine power struggles any veteran Feminista will recognize (and then downplay).

I’m single Mom of a young child, I don’t live in the city anymore, and I tend to fall asleep at nine on weeknights, but I’m going to try and make it to the opening next Thursday. We’ll see!

Albertz Benda is at 515 West 26th Street in Manhattan.