About Me

Hello! I’m a full-time freelance writer who has mastered many formats, from front-of-book shorts to interviews, profiles and features. I specialize in art, science and design, but I’ve covered a broad range of topics, from boxing to baby bottles.

My byline has appeared on BuzzFeed as well as in The Reader’s DigestO — the Oprah Magazine, Entrepreneur, Wired, Metropolis, Stop Smiling, Paste, and many other publications. Most recently, I contributed an essay to O’s Little Book of Happiness — out now from Flatiron Books — and was thrilled to be included alongside such notable contributors as Elizabeth Gilbert, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Brené Brown, Jane Smiley, and Roxane Gay.

My short fiction has appeared in Silver Blade magazine, and I recently signed with the Emma Sweeney Agency for my first novel.